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diy brown paper bag packaging

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-15
Welcome to a little DIY packaging!
Learn how to make your own cute little brown paper bag for packaging, gifts
Pay, and more!
I\'m not good at packing or making cute looking gifts/gifts, but recently I had to prepare for the experience at the flea market and came up with a quick way to make cute gift bags.
This DIY is mainly due to my mom-she helped me figure out how to make these things!
You can remove 4 small bags from a large brown paper lunch bag (
\"Big\" is 6 \"to 14 \")
You need a paper bag.
Cut the middle vertically and cut the bag in half.
Next, expand half of it and cut the bottom of the square-you don\'t need it.
Cut the remaining rectangle into half width-wise.
Repeat another long piece-you have 4 and a half nowsquare pieces!
Grab one of them and stick one side.
Fold it up and stick it to the other side as shown in the figure.
Fold the bottom about 1/2 \"and glue.
Apply glue to the extra little cover.
Flip and fold the top edge down 1/2 \"and punch it in.
Now you can seal the bag there by threading some lovely ribbons or lace!
Add some stamps, stickers or somethinghave-
You just made some lovely brown paper bags at a cheap price!
I decided to poke my bag with my crochet stamp-please see my crochet prints DIY for more details!
I like the possibility, and I also like Kraft bags that don\'t have to buy a bag that is a bit expensive.
It\'s also very comforting and therapeutic to make these-it\'s a great winding process.
Easy for kids too!
For more ideas, please visit my blog at www. Melmariadesigns.
Follow me on Instagram @ melmariadesigns and get a lot of cunning inspiration, mostly Yani inspiration!
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