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Diversity of gift paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-13

Now many companies choose to make paper bags with their own company name and LOGO as gift paper bags or conference paper bags for gifts and company paper bags. As a promotion medium, it is favored by many small and medium-sized enterprises because of its low cost and good promotion effect.

These similar paper bags are made for the main purpose of promotion, but it will be found that customers who generally customize the production of such paper bags will generally produce very few paper bags. Because it is a customized product, if the quantity is small, the price will be high, which is an indisputable fact. In fact, the storage time of paper bags is not as short as everyone thinks, but if stored properly, the general time will be more than 2 years. Therefore, it is recommended that you increase the number of customizations, so that the total price is actually not much different.

If the quantity cannot be increased, you can consider choosing some printed stock paper bags. Although there is no printing company's name and LOGO, the effect of publicity and promotion may be reduced. But the cost is much lower.

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