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Discussion on the origin and development of kraft paper bag packaging design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-11

With the development of market economy and thousands of homogeneous products, merchants pay more and more attention to packaging design, hoping to make products bright through packaging, thereby attracting attention. So what is kraft paper bag packaging design, and what is its cultural connotation? Xiao Bian discussed this with the designer.

Packaging in a narrow sense refers to protecting products in circulation, facilitating storage and transportation, promoting sales and auxiliary materials. For packaging designers, packaging design refers to the embodiment of an abstract form of art that closely combines the multi-functions of comprehensive elements such as science, art, materials, economy, psychology, and market.

The culture of packaging design has a long history and develops with the birth of packaging. In the early days, in order to protect the products, store and carry them easily, people used local materials and adjusted measures according to local conditions. They used raw materials such as leaves, bamboo, and clay to form ancient packaging through manual processing. The packaging is simple, natural and environmentally friendly. At that time, people carried out packaging design and processing according to traditional aesthetics. In the period of the Industrial Revolution, due to the continuous development of printing machinery and printing technology, the packaging design and printing production showed rapid development. At this time, the packaging paid more attention to functionality, emphasized the protection of goods, and facilitated storage and transportation. In the 1960s, due to the development of modern management, enterprises in various countries implemented the VI enterprise identification system as a business strategy. This puts forward new requirements for packaging design, which is responsible for promoting corporate branding and promoting product sales. Especially in modern times, due to the fierce competition, how to stand out among a large number of homogeneous commodities is refreshing, and more and more people turn their attention to packaging, which puts forward higher requirements for the packaging design of kraft paper bags.

Packaging design is an important medium for information exchange and interaction between consumers and designers. Modern packaging design pays more attention to market strategies. It needs to communicate and communicate with merchants, and it needs to work closely with those responsible for production and sales. Cooperate. Only with teamwork, packaging can capture the hearts of consumers and better promote sales.

For modern packaging design, to highlight the company's brand and promote product sales, it is necessary to grasp the psychology of consumers and understand the needs of target customers, so as to find the direction of packaging design, otherwise it will only make things behind closed doors and not in line with the market need. For modern packaging design, customer-approved packaging is the successful packaging. Beauty and good-looking are not the only criteria for measuring excellent packaging. The high-grade material does not determine the taste of the design. Gorgeous packaging on unsuitable products will be the opposite and the opposite will happen. Only by conducting detailed research on target customers and subdividing research according to their age, location, and cultural level, can we make a unique, targeted and marketing packaging design.

The aesthetics of each era has its own characteristics of the era, and each different group has its own aesthetic tendencies. Simplicity is the most important language of modern design, which is determined by the culture and information fast food in the age of consumption. The most ideal state for packaging design is simplicity but not simplicity. Through design and artistic processing, the key points of the core concepts of commodities and brands can be briefly and abstractly expressed with modern artistic techniques. The reference to traditional culture on the packaging also needs to meet this requirement. It is necessary to summarize and refine traditional culture, art, pictures and representational techniques, and use concise expression techniques to highlight the core elements of traditional culture, so as to achieve the integration of tradition and modernity.

In a word, modern kraft paper bag packaging design needs to conduct targeted research on consumer psychology, grasp the psychological characteristics, identify the design direction, and combine modern design concepts, design techniques and styles to design products that meet consumer needs. Product packaging.

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