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Discuss the problem of excessive packaging of gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-24

In recent years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging has occurred in the gift packaging boxes in my country, and as early as 2010, the country has issued the 'Excessive Packaging Requirements for Restricted Commodities - Food and Cosmetics

Chinese people always pay attention to etiquette. During the festivals, visiting relatives and friends, it is inevitable to give each other holiday gifts, and the gift box is to make the product look more decent, so many people like it very much. Exquisite packaging boxes, however, the excessive packaging of large boxes and small commodities looks good, but in fact, it puts extra economic pressure on the gift-giver, and the gift-giver cannot get benefits, so this is an invisible cause. Quite a lot; Peugeot's waste;.

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