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Different Types of Lamination in Premium Packaging Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-05

The laminating process refers to the use of a laminating machine to cover a layer of transparent plastic film with a thickness of 0.012 to 0.020mm on the printing surface to form a product processing technology that combines paper and plastic. It is also called post-press lamination and post-print lamination etc. The most common packaging box materials in our life are white cardboard, coated paper and so on. The coated packaging box can be waterproof and scratch-resistant. Below, I will introduce several films commonly used in the coating process of several high-end packaging boxes.

Bright film

Gloss film is also called light film, the surface effect is crystal clear, bright and colorful, and does not change color for a long time. It has a soft touch and a mirror-like visual effect. Glossy film has very high requirements for film materials. Compared with dumb film, if the box covered with glossy film is scratched, it is more likely to affect the overall aesthetics of the box, and the glossy film is easier to leave behind after being touched. fingerprint. So, when preparing to put glossy film on a box, it is necessary to test the scratch resistance of the film and whether it is prone to fingerprints.

The glossy film is used in the luxury gift box set below. The mirror-like packaging is matched with the eye-catching bronzing process, and the overall look is very gorgeous. This gift box set has been made several years ago, and until now there is no trace of scratches in the packaging, and it is not easy to leave obvious fingerprints.

Dumb film

Dumb film is the most widely used in the packaging industry, and its biggest feature is that it will not overwhelm the guests. Most of the product packaging will add logos, images and other visual elements. The matte film can perfectly present the visual elements in the box.

The following high-end light luxury high-heeled shoes gift box is covered with a matte film. We can see from the picture that the printed pattern and color in the box are perfectly presented, and the Logo in the box is not weakened by the film at all. its visual effects.

Tactile film

Visually, the tactile film is a bit similar to the dumb film, with good friction resistance and color rendering. But in terms of touch, the paper covered with the tactile film has a smooth and delicate touch like velvet.

The tactile film is used in the Guochao makeup eyeshadow palette below. In terms of material, coated paper is selected as the outer paper material, and with the tactile film coating process, its tactile feeling does not have to be inferior to tactile paper.

In order to increase the waterproofness and protection of the packaging box, it is very common to add a lamination process to the packaging box customization. In addition, different films can create different performances for packaging. Through the above explanation, I hope to help you choose the right type of film for you.

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