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Die-cutting processing technology must be done to make high-quality paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-08

Making paper bags is a process production, each process is to prepare for the following work, the influence between them is interlocking. Among them, the die-cutting process is an important process in the process of making paper bags. If it is not handled well, it will directly affect the quality of the subsequent paper bag making and the efficiency of manual pasting.

The die-cutting process is a process that combines a die-cutting knife and an indentation knife on the same template and uses a die-cutting machine to die-cut and indent the printed product. It is also called rolling. So what should the paper bag maker pay attention to in actual operation?

1. Choose the correct template. This is because most of the customized paper bags are made with similar shapes, and some have little change in size. The first piece of paper must be rechecked against the engineering drawing during the operation to avoid using the wrong template. The rework caused by choosing the wrong template is a pity, not only causing cost loss, but also a waste of time.

2. Control the working pressure during die-cutting. It is required that the die-cutting edges should not have burrs, and the dark lines should be clear and easy to fold, but the lines should be avoided. Some paper bags can not be found in the dark line part when making die-cutting, but they will break when the bag is manually folded and pasted. Therefore, the die-cutting process should be constantly trial-folded to do a good job of process inspection. It takes a certain amount of patience to do this job in order to make the paper bag well.

3. Considering the characteristics of paper making from paper bags, along the thread direction of the paper, the paper is easier to fold, and the molding pressure can be lower, while perpendicular to the direction of the paper thread, the paper is more difficult to fold, which can increase the molding pressure locally.

4. If the customized paper bag is made of cardboard, please pay special attention. Because the toughness of cardboard is poor, if there is no surface coating, special attention should be paid to the die-cutting effect.

As a professional paper bag making and printing factory, we must be responsible to customers, so we need to be careful and attentive in every process. Die cutting process is one of them.

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