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Determining factors of packaging quotation in kraft paper bag packaging factory

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-15

I want to make a batch of boxes, how much is one? I often encounter customers asking similar questions. Price is always an important factor in purchasing. It is the general psychology of the public that you can buy high-quality and cheap products by shopping around. Back to the price of kraft paper bags, we must first understand that kraft paper bags are customized according to customer needs, the size, craftsmanship, materials, and printing of kraft paper bags. All are factors that determine the price of kraft paper bags.

Generally, when kraft paper bag packaging factories make quotations to customers, they must first understand the factors of size, technology, materials, and printing. These determine the cost of a kraft paper bag, as well as the order quantity. The price of a kraft paper bag is determined comprehensively. In addition, there are design proofing and other factors;

Therefore, it is not possible to judge the quality of the packaging box manufacturer based on the price, nor to judge the rationality of its price at once. High quality and low price are what everyone pursues, but when making judgments, pay attention to horizontal and vertical comparisons. Comparability is only possible when the material, quantity, size, surface technology, and difficulty of workmanship of the kraft paper bags are the same.

The common materials of kraft paper bags are: carton, leather box, iron box, wooden box, etc. The prices of different materials and raw materials vary greatly. The size of the kraft paper bag determines the amount of material, so this is also an important factor affecting the cost of the kraft paper bag. In addition, there are processes. The more processes, the more complex and the more difficult it is, the higher the cost. The order quantity of kraft paper bags is also an important factor. The larger the order quantity, the lower the single average cost and the lower the price. In addition, there are design factors, and the design of different levels is very different. This is also one of the reasons why the quotations of different kraft paper bag packaging factories for the same kraft paper bag are different.

Finally, there are administrative costs and labor costs. In each place, labor, house rent, water and electricity, management wages, and the soundness of the management system directly affect the management cost. The wages of workers in different places are different, which will lead to different labor costs. The production of a kraft paper bag requires how many processes, how many labors, and how many days are all important factors affecting labor costs.

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