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Design Implantation in Kraft Bag Design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-04

The advertisements embedded in the design of the kraft paper bag attract consumers, and the terminal kraft paper bag impresses consumers. Its responsibility is to open the brand's breakthrough in the fiercely competitive market, create new economic growth points for the enterprise, and at the same time maintain the brand image and seize the consumption. the mind. Of course, all of this is based on the premise of having a good product. If the product itself is not good, no matter how good the packaging is, it will be useless, which will only be counterproductive to the development of the brand.

Today's consumers have become very rational and mature, they won't buy your products just because your advertising is good, but what benefits or special things your products can really bring to them a feeling of. So after having a good product, how will you sell it? 2. Strategy kraft paper bags and design The era of not being afraid of deep alleys is long gone. Even good products need good methods and ideas. After completing the sale, today's consumers will not come to buy your products by themselves. This has long been proved by the ever-changing market; the concept of packaging is no longer the traditional printing process, material processing, layout design, etc. It can be summed up; manufacturers have good products to sell, so how to effectively convey the core values u200bu200band concepts of products to consumers? What we advocate is a strategic packaging concept, which is consumer-oriented and market-based. As a strategic packaging method supported by research, we believe that the basic function of packaging should be able to bring market value to manufacturers in addition to packaging and transportation. Good packaging is not only able to win awards in competitions and satisfy personal needs. It is a sales tool that is in line with the overall marketing strategy and can bring sales performance to the company. All of this requires adequate communication and careful thought.

Kraft paper bag production and communication Some customers are the premise of the creation of works. In the process of our implementation of strategic kraft paper bag creation, the communication between designers and customers is very important. As the advertiser modestly said, good Behind the advertisement is a good customer, and the packaging is an out-and-out live advertisement; a good kraft paper bag also requires thorough communication, which is the result of a good interaction between the customer and the kraft paper bag company. Fully communicating market positioning, consumer demand, and market demand is a necessary work before preparing the plan. Just imagine what a kraft paper bag would look like without accurate communication? It may look good, but the direction is wrong and it does not meet the market positioning. It is like speaking English to a group of farmers who do not understand foreign languages. Although it is very modern and international, it is They still do not understand, the effect can be imagined. So speak in the language of consumers, and always keep in mind what kind of people you are communicating with. We found that if we can avoid the people below and face the top directly, the design can be improved in a better direction in advance, and good ideas are often diluted by some inferior speculation. The value of design development in promoting social development has long been proven by social development itself. In a sense, each of our works out of the street carries the expectations of merchants, affects product sales, and affects the lives of the public. As a designer, I am deeply aware of the great responsibility and responsibility, and I am also very proud, so I think that if I choose this profession, I choose lifelong learning.

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