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Design concept of cosmetic paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-30

Packaging is not only a container for carrying commodities, but also a means to stimulate and guide consumption. Women are the main consumers of makeup, and the packaging of women's cosmetics is related to cosmetics. In the current economic environment, women's cosmetics have also become the object of women's consumption. Therefore, the packaging design of women's cosmetics must not only satisfy women's consumption psychology, but also satisfy women's consumption. The need for symbolism and aesthetic experience. For enterprises, packaging is at the end of sales. The packaging of women's cosmetics can protect products and provide convenience for sales. In a market environment with fierce brand competition, packaging is an indispensable and important part of the process of building and disseminating brands. Women's consumption conveys an exact message about a brand, verbally, visually and conceptually.

The famous Bauhaus designer Bayer once said that the role of visual design is to make human beings and the world easier to understand. The information given by the product is consistent with its own function, that is, the user's desire. But in many cases, the designer's intention cannot be correctly understood by the user. lead to wrong identification and operation. This error shows a failure of styling design. Therefore, product modeling semantics should be logical and scientific, able to convey enough information and accurately express the organic connection between content and form, which is also determined by the function and value of the product

Research Objectives:

1. Protect products, beautify products, and facilitate use.

2. Coordinate and match various elements to obtain the best package design scheme.

3. From the marketing point of view, from the brand packaging pattern and packaging design, design the most effective means of promotion.

Design of packaging pattern:

The configuration of product images, text and backgrounds in the packaging design must focus on attracting customers' attention and directly promote the brand. The stimulation of the packaging pattern to customers is more specific, stronger and more convincing than the brand name. The form and content should be the same as the inside and outside. , Pay attention to the design of the effect, the design of the color of the color, the design of the brand packaging pattern is an important factor to highlight the personality of the product, and the personalized brand image is the most effective means of promotion. It is a good symbol of the content of the product, harmonious and unified with other design factors, effectively expressing the quality and weight of the product, high visibility, and can set off the text well, and the color is in different markets and different display environments. They are full of energy to give female consumers a sense of beauty, but also to bring them associations about personality and value.

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