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Customized tea box ⊰⊱ Success is here, customized tea box, packaging box, sample album

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-18

As the name suggests, tea boxes are used to hold tea leaves. Customized tea boxes http://www.china-hzht.com/products-detail.asp?cpidu003d32 can make the price of gift boxes generally range from 300 yuan to thousands of yuan. The store owner told reporters that the sales of gift box tea have been particularly good recently. Only a small number of citizens will directly choose to buy gift boxes of tea, and most of the remaining citizens will buy gift boxes after purchasing tea leaves, and the store will provide them with packaging services for free. In addition to drinking, tea itself has a certain collection value. If red wine can barely be called an investment product, then tea, mainly Pu'er tea, should not be an investment product at all, but should be treasured as a collectible like an antique. After a few years, or decades, your collection of Pu'er tea cakes may be worth a hundred times, or even a thousand times. Collectibles can be sold for a high price if some people like them, but if no one likes them, it will be a problem to sell them. He said that for tea collection, it mainly refers to Pu-erh tea. After a few years of sharp adjustments, the price of Pu'er tea has become more reasonable.

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