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by:Jialan Package     2022-03-06

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The history of customized tea boxes:

A kind of container used to hold tea, the shape is often cuboid, cube, cylinder and other anomalies; the main materials are: paper, wood, iron, aluminum, and other mixed environmental protection materials Wait.

Since human beings have the habit of drinking tea, containers for holding tea have begun to appear and are constantly updated. The early tea boxes were actually not boxes but clay pots, which appeared in the Xia and Shang dynasties; The enrichment of material wealth and the improvement of human living standards have gradually emerged that a large number of tools have replaced human hand-making. Especially after the appearance of iron tools, the production tools have been greatly enriched. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, people used iron to cast After farming tools, iron weapons and woodworking iron tools appeared, so wooden tea boxes began to appear in human history in China. At that time, tea boxes were specially made for long-term storage of tea leaves, and they were generally used as special utensils in the homes of powerful people.

Because the tea comes from tea gardens and mountains, it is the common people who come into contact with the tea first, so tea boxes slowly appear in common people's homes, but the tea boxes in common people's homes are relatively not meticulous in workmanship, and even bamboo tubes are used as The use of tea boxes, etc.; with the continuous development of the society, the styles and shapes of tea boxes, the production materials are also constantly updated and progressed. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the tea boxes were lined with silk and attached with wood embryos. Sculpture, painting, paint and other crafts began to appear. This event also appeared in batches of ceramic tea jars for use in tea boxes. Typical characters: Empress Dowager Cixi, drinking Longjing in summer, drinking Pu'er in winter, and being very particular about tea sets and tea boxes .

The great development of tea boxes is in modern and contemporary times. At the same time, the development of tea boxes has benefited from the gift-giving behavior derived from the etiquette in Chinese culture to a certain extent. In modern times, due to the great improvement of material wealth and the emergence of advanced equipment and the large flow of gifts in the late Qing and Ming governments, tea has been raised to a certain height, and tea boxes have also developed by leaps and bounds. The development of tea boxes in the sense is in the contemporary era after the reform and opening up. Under the guidance of the policy of economic construction, people's material life has been increasing day by day, and at the same time, the living standard has improved people's way of life. The stage has made rapid progress, and a large number of tea box production clusters have emerged in China: the southern tea packaging box cluster centered on Guangdong, the southeast tea and production cluster centered on Zhejiang, and the solid wood log tea packaging box cluster centered on Shandong. Wait. And a huge tea box production and consumption market has been formed at home and abroad. At present, the tea box market is dominated by gift tea boxes, focusing on the environmental protection of tea box materials, the environmental protection and matching of materials, and the enrichment of technology and diverse needs. properties, mass customization, etc.

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