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[Customized Portable Paper Bag] Bring you a taste of 'tall'

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-19
A good paper carrier bags customization can show the taste of a product. The customization of paper bags is just like people's clothes. Isn't there a saying that people rely on clothes and horses relying on saddles? In fact, this is the truth of packaging boxes, but when making packaging boxes, we must pay attention to the following points. Now Let me give you a brief introduction:

, Before making, check the viscosity of the glue, this is the key issue, the quality of the glue is very important.

, The glue should be applied evenly. If it is a factory-made paper bag, there is a scraper or a semi-automatic foam pressing machine. These tools can be used for carpet-like treatment, which can ensure that the glue can fully bond the two surfaces.

Third, the drying time. The time should not be too long. After drying, you can try to tear the paste to check whether the paste is firm, so as to avoid other losses.

Well, let's learn so much about the box first. I hope the above information is useful to you, thank you~!
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