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Customized Various Of Promotional Advertising Paper Bag Manufacturer

Customized Various Of Promotional Advertising Paper Bag Manufacturer
Various Advertising Paper Bags Customized
Promotional advertising paper bags are a popular and environmentally friendly marketing tool used by businesses to promote their brands, products or services. These advertising bags can be made from various materials of paper and customized with the company's logo, name, slogan or any other branding elements.
Artwork file form
PDF , AI ,
Shipping port
Ningbo port,shanghai port
Payment terms
T/T, West Union, Paypal , L/C
Eco-friendly, recycled, reusable
26*32*12cm, 14.6*8.6*10.8cm, 17.8*10.2*22.9cm
free samples available
no , customized.

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How to make your promotional advertising paper bags more attractive?

Advertising bags are the most direct and economical way to promote brand consumer impressions. We hope to make money by customizing personalized advertising paper bags. So, how to make your promotional advertising paper bags more attractive? It is very important to find a professional paper packaging factory to customize the design and produce the perfect advertising paper bag model. The following is the important information to pay attention to when negotiating with Jialan Package factory for custom paper bag design and production, please review it carefully.


01.paper raw material

High-quality fiber wood pulp and high-purity paper raw materials are more in line with the production needs of sustainable development in modern manufacturing. Every paper raw material used in the production of Jialan package has been carefully screened. We pursue high purity, high brightness, and high whiteness. Plant fiber material, which not only guarantees the printing effect of the paper bag, but also provides the possibility for the sustainable development of the environment.

We can choose high-weight paper according to your customized needs, such as coated paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, ivory, gold cardboard, silver cardboard, etc. We will use environmentally friendly and advanced printing technology to show the promotion you need Paper bag effect.


02.logo printing process
Choosing customization and the printing process that can highlight the highlights of the paper bag and help you shape the brand logo image can increase the customer's choice intention at the first sight.Logo crafting for paper bags incorporates various techniques that can enhance their visual appeal and brand representation. We can realize the influence of personalized promotion in the brand market by choosing the printing process of the logo. Such as UV, bump, hot stamping, etc.
03.Custom fit your size

When customizing promotional advertising paper bags, it's essential to consider your target audience, the types of products they purchase, and any specific design elements that align with your brand identity. By tailoring the sizes to meet different needs, you can create a memorable and engaging brand promotion experience while fulfilling practical requirements.

Jialan Package can customize promotional advertising bags of appropriate size according to the size of your product. You can tell our sales about the size of the product, and they will give you more professional customization suggestions.


Q1. What is your product range?

• We are professional paper packaging products provider, especially in gift packaging field, we can provide you paper gift bags,children's cartoon gift bag,holiday gift bags,daily paper gift bag and paper boxes,such as chocolate boxes, foldable boxes, cosmetic boxes, custom shape boxse and other related packaging products and packaging auxiliary products.

• We provide one-stop paper packaging service, and accept custom design as your requirement.

Q2. What is the price?

• The price is decided by quantity, material, finishing methods, size and other factors. Besides,  due to our constantly technology innovation, some of our products have a very competitive price, contact us to know more about us if you will.

Q3. Can you provide samples & what's sample delivery time?

• Certainly, normally we will provide free samples and you just need to undertake the freight cost. For custom printing sample, there will be sample fee needed.

• The sample produce will take about 7 days.

Q4. What is the lead time?

• Around 15 to 20 days according to the order quantity and production details.

Q5. Could you provide free design for my packaging box?

• Yes, we provide free design service, the structural design and easy graphic design.

Q6. What kind of document format will you accept for printing?

• AI, CDR, PDF, PSD, EPS, high resolution JPG or PNG.

Q7. How to ship the commodities?

• By sea or air as your requirement.

• Ex-work or FOB, if you have own forwarder in China.

• CFR or CIF, etc., if you need us to make shipment for you.

• DDP and DDU are also available.

• More options, we will consider your choice.

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We are a professional paper package factory from Yiwu China.
If you need to customize or wholesale environmentally friendly paper packaging supplies, such as paper boxes, paper bags, etc., please contact us in time.

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