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Customized packaging and neutral packaging in paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-29

Paper bag production is generally divided into customized packaging and neutral packaging:

One, set the license

means that the seller marked the buyer's designated trademark and brand on the goods or paper bags sold by the buyer according to the buyer's requirements, which is called custom-brand production. In international or domestic trade. There are many large department stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores. Among the products they operate, some of them use the store’s proprietary trademarks and brand names. These products are produced by the stores that require the relevant manufacturers to order the products.

2. Making Neutral Paper Bags

Means that there is no production country and manufacturer name on the production of goods and internal and external paper bags. This method of making neutral paper bags is a common method in international trade and can be adopted at the request of the buyer. For commodities that my country and other countries have signed export quota agreements, it should be strictly controlled, because in the unlikely event that importers re-export commodities to the relevant quota countries, it will have an adverse effect on my country. Exporters must not harm the country's reputation and interests for their own benefit.

In international trade, some of the designated-brand products indicate the place of origin under their designated trademarks, while others do not indicate the place of origin and manufacturer. The latter approach is called “brand neutrality”. my country currently accepts many foreign-branded export products, most of which are marked as “Made in China”.

Domestic paper bag making is favored by foreign customers because of its low price and good craftsmanship.

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