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Cartoon White Paper Kraft Bag Takeaway Packaging Wholesale

Cartoon White Paper Kraft Bag Takeaway Packaging Wholesale
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The use of Cartoon White Kraft Paper Bag Takeaway Packaging offers several advantages for businesses and customers alike.Cartoon white kraft paper bag takeaway packaging is 

an important packaging for corporate brand marketing. In addition to its attractiveness that can enhance the overall appearance of food, it is also in line withthe development concept 

of low-carbon economy, environmental protection and sustainable packaging, bringing customers safer .Consumption experience provides good commercial value for brand 

consumption image shaping.

Product name:

Customized Cartoon White Paper Kraft Bag Takeaway Packaging


white Kraft paper bags








White kraft paper rope


4 Color printing

ReforcementWith 350gsm grey cardboard 

Here are some key advantages about the white Kraft paper bags:

01.Professional Appearance
The use of white kraft paper gives the packaging a clean and professional look. It conveys a sense of quality and attention to detail, which can reflect positively on the business. A professionally presented takeaway bag can enhance the perception of the food and the overall dining experience, making customers feel confident about their purchase.

02.Visual Appeal
The cartoon design printed on the white kraft paper bag adds an element of fun and visual appeal. This can attract customers, especially children, and make the packaging more memorable and engaging. A visually appealing bag can enhance the overall presentation of the food, making it more enticing and enjoyable for customers.
03.Strong And Durable Kraft Rope Handles
White kraft paper is known for its strength and durability. Jialan chose the same color kraft paper string as the handle of these white kraft paper bags during the manufacturing process, which is strong enough to withstand the weight and pressure of the food container, ensuring that the package remains intact during transportation. In addition, the sturdy nature of these kraft paper bags can well prevent food spills, leaks or damage, providing a reliable solution for takeout or delivery services.
04.Food-grade safe environmental protection paper bag selection
These white kraft paper bags are manufactured from food safe materials, they are recyclable and biodegradable. Due to its own safety performance, we can safely let it come into contact with food, which provides safety and sanitation for customers to carry and eat, and also provides commercial value for the company's environmental protection and sustainable corporate image.

Five style pattern cartoon Kraft bags

Cartoon white kraft paper bags are more popular among women and children in the market! Jialan Package can customize personalized cartoon-designed white environmentally-friendly kraft paper bag packaging for companies in the milk tea and beverage takeaway industry, gift boutique industry, and clothing industry. We can provide one-stop customized OEM/ODM services for logo printing, design, and production.

The following can be used as a reference model for your mass custom white kraft paper bag design!


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Customizable bags according to your needs

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1.Can I have my product customized?
Yes, we has strong experience on ODM/OEM. We can custom shape, material, size, graphic, log and surface treatments.

2.How can I custom my product?
If you have sample on your hand, you also send picture to us or send sample to us, we will quote the best price for you.
If you have design , pls kindly send it to us, we will quote the best price for you.
If you have no idea of what you really want or not familiar with the crafts or products, we would give you our professional suggestions and make the graphic design for you.

3.How long can I get a quotation?
Within 12 hours after we make requirement clearly. If urgently, please call us anytime.

4.What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 100 pcs for stock products. MOQ is 1000 pcs for customized products. If you need sample to check quality, 1pcs is acceptable.


5.Can I get free sample?

Limited support on the free sample is available for us, but we hope you can bear the freight. We have confidence with our product quality, and we believe you will be satisfied with it, but based on the fair business, we really don't wanna make the business costly especially at the beginning. That's not a good start of health business.Please consider our opinion.

6.How can I get sample to check quality?
After details is confirmed and sample fee is paid, we will produce and delivery the sample within 7 days.

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We are a professional paper package factory from Yiwu China.
If you need to customize or wholesale environmentally friendly paper packaging supplies, such as paper boxes, paper bags, etc., please contact us in time.

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