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Customize e-commerce packaging boxes to improve online store rankings

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-12

Customizing a box for brick-and-mortar retail merchandise is as simple as making it stand out for the product and making customers resonate with the brand. However, selling goods on e-commerce platforms is not enough. When customers shop online, in addition to making a good first impression, there are many factors that need to be considered.

For an online store, the most important thing is the customer's evaluation of the product. This can not only affect the ranking of the store on the e-commerce platform, but also determine the purchase decision of customers. Customers' evaluations of products come from various reasons, the most common being product damage, delivery problems, service problems and so on.

Regarding the problem of product damage, we can solve it from two aspects. First of all, when customizing product packaging boxes, it is necessary to consider whether the packaging box's compression resistance is qualified. In the market, the most common product packaging boxes are cardboard boxes and grayboard pasting boxes. The compressive capacity of the grayboard pasting box is much higher than that of the cardboard box. If the packaging box does not add a lining, when the product is squeezed by the outside world, the protection of the cardboard box is far inferior to that of the grayboard Paper box.

Whether it is a cardboard box or a grayboard pasting box, it has very strong plasticity. Brands can add some brand elements and some patterns that can reflect the aesthetic feeling in the packaging box. There are also many choices in the structure of the gift packaging box. The most common box types are: heaven and earth cover box, clamshell box, drawer box. Of course, if you want to be slightly better than other brands in terms of packaging structure, you can also use special-shaped structures.

Secondly, it is the e-commerce transportation packaging box, which is also often called the express box. Its role is not only for transportation, but also to protect the integrity of the product and the product's outer box. Generally, corrugated paper is mostly used for transport packaging materials. Corrugated paper has multiple advantages such as low cost, light weight, easy processing, and high strength. Different flute types can be selected according to the needs of the brand and the product. The thickness and pressure resistance of different flute types are also different. Only when the product is in good condition can it create a good first impression for customers, and it can also reduce the loss of products during transportation.

Another biggest feature of the shipping box is that it can continuously promote its brand to potential customers when the product is shipped. The brand side only needs to print its own brand color and Logo on the packaging box.

There are indeed many factors to consider in customizing e-commerce packaging boxes. The safety of product packaging boxes is not only for improving store rankings. It is the first step to create a good brand image, it also affects the store ranking, the basis of product sales, and it is the most direct tool to reduce product loss.

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