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Customization trend of natural element theme packaging box

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-07

The brand is to keep up with the trend, and so is the product packaging. From fashion to home furnishing to packaging, print trends inspired by nature can be found everywhere. Best of all, it is very easy to incorporate natural patterns into product packaging designs. No matter your brand identity, these natural prints and patterns can be easily adapted.

When a brand customizes seasonal packaging, it can be inspired by the natural elements of the season. Brands should keep up with new trends and incorporate these designs into their packaging. For example, flowers can be used as the theme in spring, beaches and sea water as the theme in summer, fallen leaves as the theme in autumn, snow scenery as the theme in winter, and so on.

One way to achieve a trendy look is to combine natural illustrations with pops of color. For example, warm earth tones or neutral pastels, etc. The mix and match trend is the perfect way to create seasonal packaging.

According to Vogue, botanical prints have made their way from runways to retail stores. These prints range from delicate peonies to bold floral illustrations. Such natural patterns will become more and more popular in the upcoming season.

To give the seasonal packaging a more unique look, designers combine nature-inspired prints with popular seasonal colors. Packaging can be taken to the next level, for example, where brands can pair classic floral motifs like rose prints with understated neutrals. Natural prints and colorways complement each other to create more on-trend packaging designs.

However, if your brand is going the understated, subdued youthful route, use small, delicate botanical illustrations. Petite floral illustrations exude a feminine and rustic feel, and using natural materials such as vellum, cotton or tulle to pair these delicate prints is even more in line with the 'natural' design philosophy.

Depending on your brand's style, nature illustrations pair well with other nature-inspired and textured materials. For example: velvet, cotton, kraft paper or art paper, etc. Combining different natural prints and patterns with various on-trend materials can create many different packaging creations for yours.

Adding natural elements to seasonal packaging has become very common. In addition to packaging design when customizing seasonal packaging, cooperation with professional packaging box customization manufacturers will provide you with perfect packaging solutions.

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