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[Custom-made pecan gift box] Achievement of artistic crystallization: cultural demand has reached a new climax! pecan gift box customized silk scarf box moon cake box wholesale

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-26

【Customized pecan gift box/products-detail.asp?cpidu003d71】Packaging design is the crystallization of decorative arts. Exquisite packaging can arouse consumers' high-level cultural needs. Although packaging design is completed by means and technology, its visual creativity is irreplaceable. In order to make famous, excellent, special and new commodities dominate the commodity management structure, it is necessary to establish a sense of preemption, and seize the opportunity to develop and improve the image beauty of the packaging. This pecan gift box is made of fiberboard. The front pattern and text are designed by Sannong Company. The inner support can be made of blister, pearl cotton or cotton silk according to customer requirements. The outside of the gift box is equipped with a laminated white cardboard bag , The whole set of gift boxes looks very good, which can increase the added value of the product and make the product look more delicate and high-grade!

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