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Current Situation of Paper Used in Printing Paper Bags in China

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-12

China is an ancient civilization of 5000 years, as an ancient country and a big country of papermaking and printing, China's printing industry has achieved a total output value of more than 1 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world, and becoming an important printing processing base in the world . Although the distribution of newspapers, magazines and paper books has been sluggish in recent years, due to the paper demand for printing products such as paper bags, the production and consumption of printing paper in China have been balanced and maintained a steady growth trend.

The report pointed out that in 2012, China's paper and paperboard production accounted for 56.32% of Asia's total output, and production and consumption accounted for about a quarter of the global total, both ranking first in the world. Compared with household paper and other paper types, printing paper occupies half of the country.  

According to reports, the average annual growth rate of newsprint is lower than the overall level of printing paper, indicating a downward trend in newspaper paper consumption. The increase in the output ratio of coated printing paper indicates that the amount of paper used for printing high-end books and periodicals is increasing. The consumption of paper bags for high-end commodities has also continued to increase.  

At present, the overall direction of China's paper production is green and environmental protection to minimize the burden of papermaking on the environment. The use of environmentally friendly printing paper has become an important part of the green printing series of standards. The report pointed out that China's papermaking and printing industry should break the traditional industry boundaries, integrate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and achieve innovative development. The paper bag making industry is also the utmost environmental protection and sustainable development.

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