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Cultural factors in kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-20

China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. Traditional festivals, business activities, major celebrations in life, weddings, childbirth and other major events must be exchanged with gifts. Giving gifts to each other is the most direct way to express feelings, an expression of feelings. Chinese people love face, exquisite kraft paper bags. It will make the recipient have a strong sense of respect at the first sight of the gift, thereby increasing the favorability and trust of the giver, and enhancing mutual friendship.

Packaging is an important part of gifts and the external manifestation of gifts. In ancient times, there was an allusion of buying cassava and returning pearls. Some people have always laughed at its stupidity, but from another perspective, packaging has been valued by people since ancient times. Let's talk about some knowledge of kraft paper bags from the following aspects:

1. It can be customized and personalized; in addition to the traditional protection functions of packaging containers and transportation, modern packaging has been given the function of promoting sales. Therefore, the packaging should be integrated with the overall VI of the enterprise. Highlight the corporate LOGO, brand image, main color, and the overall style of the company. product positioning. For example, for luxury goods, the packaging needs to highlight the luxury of the product and the high-end atmosphere. For ordinary consumers, the packaging should be simple and close to life. The same is true for kraft paper bags, which need to meet their own unique needs and be personalized. For regional products, it is necessary to highlight regional factors and integrate with local culture.

2. The packaging needs to be unified with the function and purpose of the product; red represents joy and enthusiasm; bright yellow is authoritative, brilliant, intelligent and noble; Therefore, kraft paper bags for wedding gifts, holiday gifts, and major festive events are mostly red, yellow, and orange to reflect a festive atmosphere. For daily health gifts, it is necessary to highlight the luxury, high-end, and uniqueness of products, so as to highlight the importance of the giver to the recipient and the ingenuity of the gift.

3. Packaging needs to be consistent with traditional culture and international trends. The nation is the world. For example, many products have their own cultural elements, such as moon cake kraft paper bags, and traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival. For the packaging of these products, it is necessary to reflect the unique cultural symbols of the nation. For example, the packaging of clothing, cosmetics, etc. needs to reflect the characteristics of fashion and fashion.

, draw nutrition from traditional culture and conform to the world fashion trend. Committed to providing customers with high-quality packaging services. Trustworthy because of professionalism!

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