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crafts using paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-10
Paper bags don\'t just have lunch.
You can use them in many children\'s crafts.
Here are 5 great crafts that you can make with your children in the rain.
Party offer: fill paper bags with party offer on your child\'s birthday.
What do you need :-Paper Bags-Stickers-Markers-
Fill your party gifts with bags.
Scroll down and bind the top of the bag.
Decorate with stickers that match the theme of the party.
Write each child\'s name on the bag.
You can also do these for the baby shower.
Fill the bag with party snacks.
Cut the top of the bag using hand scissors to make it look creative.
Write \"It\'s a boy\" or \"It\'s a Girl\" at the top of the bag \".
Decorate with blue or pink \"boots\", teddy bears and/or bottle stickers.
Puppets: using building paper and paper bags, you can make animal puppets your child likes.
What do you need :-Paper Bags-
Construction paperMarkers-Elmer’s glue-
Paint for making dogs: cut out a circle with brown building paper.
Stick it on the flap of the bag.
Cut off two soft ears with brown construction paper and stick to the circle.
Draw a face on the circle and you have a dog puppet.
Make a pig: use a white paper bag.
Paint the bag pink.
Cut two triangles with pink building paper and stick to the top of the bag.
Cut a pink oval building paper and draw two circles for the nostrils.
Stick your nose in the middle of your face and increase your eyes and mouth.
Halloween Gift: make a Halloween surprise for your child or distribute it to a prank or treat.
What do you need :-Paper Bags-Paint-Black Marker-
Green RibbonUsing a white paper bag, starting with painting the bag orange.
Let it dry, draw a Jack in the face of the openingo-
Lantern face on the bag
Open the bag and fill it with candy.
About 4 inch down, tighten the bag and tie the ribbon around it.
Jelly Bean basket: Make this snack for Easter time.
What do you need :-Paper Bags-Scissors-
The black and pink MarkerLay bags are placed flat on the table with flaps on it and the opening points above.
Draw a big letter \"U\" at the top of the bag \".
The bag is still closed and the letter \"U\" is cut off.
Draw a face and beard for the rabbit\'s face.
Paint your ears pink.
Open the bag and fill it with green grass and jelly beans.
Rudolf puppet: Your child will really incorporate the Christmas spirit by making this Christmas themed puppet.
What do you need :-
Brown paper bags-
Brown building paper
Red building paperGoogly eyes-
By drawing your child\'s hand on brown construction paper, black MarkerStart.
Drop the bag so that the bottom of the bag is at the top and the flaps are facing you.
Reach out and stick them to the bottom of the back bag so that the flaps are not covered.
Add Google eyes to the top of the flap.
Cut a big red circle from the red building paper and stick it to Rudolph\'s nose.
Draw a face with a black mark.
You now have a Christmas puppet to show your child.
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