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Cost-effective packaging box customization concept

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-05

Product is the most important part of the selling business, followed by product packaging and marketing. Packaging boxes help sell products and create an emotional connection between brands and customers. Many people think that cost is an obstacle to creative packaging. Balancing packaging costs does affect packaging design, but there are also many cost-effective packaging box customization ideas:


While one would think that a classic product box would look underwhelming, there are many ways to make it stunning. Graphic design is a good example, through the synergy between high-end color schemes, fonts, images can also make classic packaging more eye-catching.


If you are using a traditional packaging box structure, such as: sky and earth cover structure, clamshell structure. Well, you can consider printing inside the box. When the customer opens the box, he will observe every detail of the packaging and the product. The perfect handling of details can effectively improve the user's evaluation by the brand.


Adding extra embellishments to the box can help branding shine in an instant. We can use some eye-catching packaging techniques in the packaging box. For example, the surface of the bronzing pattern presents a metal-like texture, which can highlight the content of the key display in the packaging box; the embossing process can improve the three-dimensional effect of the packaging box, no matter Both visual and tactile can bring customers a new experience. In addition to the packaging process, accessories such as ribbons and bows can also be added to the packaging box.

Brand Additional Elements

Elements such as branded tissue paper or labels can increase brand exposure. In addition, the more brand elements in the product, the more customers will trust the product, which will help the brand convert ordinary customers into high-quality loyal customers.

The definition of high-end packaging boxes does not refer to customized packaging products that cost a lot of money, but refers to packaging boxes that can capture the needs of customers and stand out among many products. According to the above cost-effective packaging customization concepts, the brand side can also maximize the effect of the packaging box with the least budget.

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