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Cosmetic paper bag production, speak with quality

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-29

When ordering cosmetic paper bags, you must choose carefully, and choose good quality ones. Good quality packaging can protect the goods from damage. Remember not to be cheap, as the saying goes problem. Come on, these problems can be solved for you!

Good products for you

Our products have always been based on quality, and customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. For each customer, no matter the order is large or small, we will serve you with the most sincere attitude and give you the best products. Why do so many customers choose to use cosmetic paper bags? What customers say: good quality, fair price, considerate service, are you still hesitating? Come and let you customize products with excellent value for money, why not do it?

Good product, you deserve it

Book-shaped cosmetic paper bag production, its box shape is similar to book style. The box is made of 1600g gray board and 157g double copper paper, which has been printed in four colors, over-matt glued, embossed, and bronzing surface treatment on designated parts. Sealed with a ribbon, the inner support is a high-foaming flannel, and it is fixed in the box with glue. This cosmetic paper bag is simple, fashionable and beautiful, and is deeply loved by cosmetic companies.

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