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Cosmetic paper bag making innovation

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-01

Today's high demands on paper bag making by manufacturers drive carton packaging design to differentiate and stand out the product on the shelf. High-end packaging has put forward new requirements for the innovation of cosmetic paper bag production. The latest cardboard and plastic boxes feature more unusual materials, special decorations and clever shapes to highlight paper bag making. And the boundaries between mass products and high-end products are becoming more and more blurred. More and more products are sold in the production of secondary outer paper bags. It is imperative to innovate the production of cosmetic paper bags.

1. Innovation Trend

With no outstanding innovation in bag making hitting the secondary outer bag making market in recent years, brand marketers and their suppliers are wisely using existing resources to integrate. The following analyzes the main trends affecting the packaging structure of cosmetic cartons and plastic boxes from several aspects.

(1) unusual shape

More and more companies are asking for different shapes of paper bags, asking for some break-through changes instead of a conventional shape. A relatively new change in this area is the use of injection-molded plastic end caps. Procter u0026 Gamble's Olay Regenerist brand uses the technique, and the finished carton looks more like a cylinder than a cube.

(2) Textured materials

Textured materials have become very popular in cosmetic packaging. Texture is often created by embossing a pattern across the entire sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it imparts a different tactility than standard or smooth cardboard. While we can use a smooth or matte finish, most clients prefer a matte finish combined with textured materials. Today, many cosmetic manufacturers and packers are looking for a texture that has a different type of texture, such as cardboard with a grainy roughness effect or a suede feel. At the same time, textured textures can also be created by using coatings.

(3) Display the main packaging

The see-through packaging, which can see the contents through the outer packaging, is increasingly favored by consumers. While this effect can be achieved through a cardboard opening, many brand marketers are opting for a cohesive package for this purpose - a plastic window embedded within a cardboard structure. Cardboard and plastic will have a very effective combination in the future.

(4) Blinking dazzling

On cosmetic packaging, packaging made of dazzling materials has begun to appear to attract eye-catching sales. Special effect inks, paints and metallics are joining the trend. Manufacturers seek to differentiate their products through this innovation, but at the same time pay attention to the cost overhead, so a way to achieve this look and cost-effective is to use metallic inks in printing or with glossy Pearlescent oil for action. In the future, we will see more decorative glitzy cartons in the market.

2. Application Analysis

Among the four major materials in the modern packaging industry—paper, plastic, glass, and metal packaging, paper packaging and plastic flexible packaging have the fastest growth. Paper and plastic are the two most widely used packaging materials. In addition to being used in the outer packaging of cosmetics, paper can also be used in the inner packaging. For example, it can replace EPS material corrugated cardboard buffer liner, which has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy recycling. It is an ideal environmentally friendly packaging material for cosmetic paper bags. The corrugated cardboard buffer liner has the bearing capacity and buffering capacity, can meet the requirements of product positioning in the outer packaging, and also has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and convenient assembly. Now, many perfumes and cosmetics are lined with micro-corrugated cardboard, such as Lancome, Tunnel, Davidoff, etc., which not only improves the compressive strength of the packaging, but also improves the quality of the packaging, and is the first choice for high-end cosmetics packaging customization. Since the micro-corrugated cardboard is formed in one piece and the high-strength corrugated base paper is selected, the cost is more economical and more environmentally friendly. In a sense, corrugated paper products are easy to recycle and reuse, and are ideal green packaging materials.

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