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Cosmetic Kraft Paper Bags Make Two Things That Can't Be Forgotten

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-06

1. Cosmetic kraft paper bag making inner support

The inner support mainly has a protective effect on the glass bottle, generally cardboard, sponge pad foam, but the effect of multi-layer corrugated paper will be better; 2. Cosmetic kraft paper bag production manual

The manual recommends to use 80-l28g copper plate, elegant powder and Japanese recycled paper; the folding method is mostly the whole-sheet multi-folding method.

In the fierce competition in China, the printing technology of cosmetic kraft paper bag production has been transformed from a single process to a combined process. The combined printing process of traditional technology and digital technology is becoming the mainstream printing method for cosmetic kraft paper bag production. Kraft paper bag supply enterprises bring more value-added benefits and an important means to form the core competitiveness of enterprises. The combined printing process of cosmetic kraft paper bags mainly includes various combinations of traditional printing processes, combinations of traditional printing processes and digital printing processes, and combinations of traditional printing processes and special post-press surface finishing processes. The more printing methods used , the greater the technical difficulty, the fewer competitive opponents it faces, and the greater the value-added effect. The requirements for the comprehensive technology of cosmetic packaging kraft paper bag suppliers are very high. The company must break through the selection of materials, the error compensation for the difference in ink characteristics used in different printing methods, the control of image and text reproduction accuracy by different printing methods, and the material distortion caused by surface finishing. and technical difficulties such as surface strength changes. The way to break through these difficulties and bottlenecks is to integrate industry resources, adopt scientific process planning and productized operation mode, form an innovative and high-precision process mode, and realize the value-added goal of proprietary technology.

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