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Cosmetic kraft paper bag design uses the image and positioning of the product to make

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-05

The design is very important if the packaging is to be recognized by everyone. Recently, the designer of the cosmetic kraft paper bag has shown the different charm of the packaging from different angles through the geographical positioning of the packaging and the product image of the packaging.

Cosmetic Kraft Paper Bag Design Geographical Positioning. Different regions have different customs and cultural characteristics, and consumers in different regions also have different consumption concepts and aesthetic standards, such as the differences between cities and villages, the differences between the mainland and ethnic minority areas, and the differences between different countries and races. Therefore, Packaging designers should also fully consider these factors when designing packaging in order to design in a targeted manner. For example, color is a relatively sensitive design element for different ethnic groups and countries. When designing, it is necessary to analyze and study the preferences and taboos of local consumers. It is not allowed to use the colors that are forbidden by people, and the colors that people love should be used more.

Packaging box customization should generally have the product's standard font image design to clearly highlight the brand's personality. This standard typeface design is one of the main expressions of brand design along with the image color. Now with the development of the market economy, in order to occupy a certain market share in the fierce market competition, so that consumers can recognize many brands at a glance, and are willing to buy products, it is necessary to highlight their own brand image.

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