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Cosmetic kraft paper bag design is suitable for different products

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-03

Nowadays, packaging is also an indispensable thing in society. There are many types of cosmetic kraft paper bag designs. There are medium packaging and packaging. Each packaging has different functions. Their use methods are different.

Medium packaging, a neutral packaging unit that accommodates multiple inner packaging, the packaging that enters retail outlets and directly meets consumers or users, mainly used in sales links, it has the function of preventing goods from being damaged by external force extrusion and impact Or affected by the external environment, the effect of damp, mildew, corrosion and other metamorphic changes occurs, in order to meet the needs of sales, it plays the role of protecting, beautifying, promoting goods, promoting sales and facilitating use.

(4) The outer packaging of the gift box is used for the packaging of commodity storage, transportation and circulation, usually containing multiple inner or middle packaging. The selection of packaging materials meets the requirements of economy and safety; the weight, size, logo and form of the packaging should comply with international and national standards, which is convenient for handling and loading and unloading; it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, make the operation safe and convenient, and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

(5) According to the number of times of packaging recycling, packaging can be divided into single-use packaging, multiple-use packaging and turnover packaging. Single-use packaging refers to single-use packaging, which is to be recycled after use, so the cost and environmental factors of packaging should be considered. Multiple packaging refers to packaging that can be recycled multiple times. Turnover packaging is a type of container between the appliance and the transport packaging, which is essentially a type of reusable transport appliance.

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