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Cosmetic Kraft Bag Design Represents a Culture

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-05

The cosmetic kraft paper bag design is not only for the promotion of the product, but also represents a kind of Chinese culture. The design of cosmetic kraft paper bags is not only a packaging design for a commodity, but also conveys the cultural connotation of the brand, as well as people's pursuit and ideological connotation, and is recognized by consumers and potential consumers.

The trend of modern packaging design has undergone a great change, which has shifted from focusing on functionality and rationality to focusing on emotional humanization. Cosmetic packaging is also innovating in structural design and decoration design, paying more attention to the affinity between the visual communication elements such as packaging structural design, color application, graphic layout, etc. and consumers; focusing on artistic pursuit, making it natural, Affinity expresses the connotation of products, touches the emotions of consumers, and makes full use of consumers' emotional psychology to enhance brand value.

Three principles of cosmetic kraft paper bag design

1. Accurate

Successful cosmetic packaging begins with accurately conveying the content of the information. The so-called accuracy means that the packaging design must be simple, in place and distinct. Accurately conveying product information requires that the shape, color, and pattern of the packaging cannot violate the habits of consumers, so as to avoid misunderstanding. Figure 1 is the kraft paper bag of Dior perfume, which is simple and simple. The five bottles of perfume with different shapes and fragrances are displayed intuitively on the main facade of the packaging in the form of physical pictures, which accurately and clearly conveys the information of the contents of the packaging, and at the same time highlights the Brand LOGO, thus arousing consumers' desire to buy.

2. Eye-catching

To play a promotional role, cosmetic packaging must attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, novel and unique shapes, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and materials with their own characteristics can make the design of cosmetic kraft paper bags show a very eye-catching effect, attracting consumers' attention and generating strong interest.

3. Favorite

Packaging design must be vivid, cleverly designed, with personality and beauty. That is to say, the shape, color, pattern, and material of the packaging should arouse the emotions that consumers love, so as to stimulate their desire to buy. Good packaging design speaks for itself, which can make the connotation of cosmetics come out, reflect the characteristics of cosmetics itself that impress consumers, and make consumers feel good.

In short, for cosmetic kraft paper bag designers, not only must be familiar with new processes and technologies, but also be able to make full use of the results brought by new technologies to serve modern cosmetic packaging, use computer design methods, and pursue more refined and perfect Cosmetics packaging design with cultural connotation.

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