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Control excessive kraft paper bag packaging to promote green production

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-06

Since 2016, the whole country has been continuously carrying out large-scale environmental rectification. Gift box manufacturers are deeply affected, and the entire printing kraft paper bag packaging industry is an ecological chain involving each other. Yesterday I heard that several carton factories were closed again, and today I heard that several paper mills have been closed for rectification after failing to pass the EIA. The price of paper in Zhejiang just rose yesterday, and today the price of paper in East China has doubled. As a gift box manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, he is always worried by the elusive paper price.

After ten years of rapid development, my country's express delivery industry has already reached a certain scale. Behind the growing express delivery industry, there are still some social problems to be solved. Among them, the treatment of resource waste caused by express kraft paper bag packaging and the environmental pollution caused by the random disposal of fast kraft paper bag packaging have attracted widespread attention from the public.

The state also attaches great importance to environmental protection. Only then have environmental impact assessment measures been introduced. Controlling excessive kraft paper bag packaging and promoting green production and consumption is a common concern for the state and the public. As a gift box manufacturer with many years of experience in kraft paper bag packaging, it is natural to bear the brunt, resolutely resist excessive kraft paper bag packaging, insist on using environmentally friendly paper materials, and make green kraft paper bag packaging boxes from the source of production.

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