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Continuous 'innovation' of tea kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-28

We all know that today's traditional industries are facing difficulties, especially our tea kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers. As a printing industry, we are now facing a decline. If the factory does not make a transformation, then we will face the possibility of It is the end of the elimination. It has begun to transform many years ago. It not only relies on printing, but also has its own design team to meet customer design, printing, and customization services.

In a state of zero-sum competition in a price war, in addition to focusing on how to improve the exposure of product packaging in consumer groups and how to improve the marketing power of product kraft paper bags, in fact, how to improve the market concept of packaging design And innovative thinking is the top priority of corporate marketing and packaging designers' innovative work. This is also the design orientation from the result to the innovation consciousness and thinking upgrade of the cause. From the point of view of product kraft paper bag design, it tends to be a kind of consumer decision science. Today's designers consider not only the logo shape, external shape or color planning of the product itself, but also comprehensive issues such as shopping environment, shelf awareness, consumption motivation and brand marketing. This is a kind of theory in design. Design innovation issues.

, adhering to the triple concept of service first, design first and quality first, to meet the different needs of different consumers, to create a variety of exclusive products kraft paper bags, a packaging factory that only makes customization.

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