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Comparison of material advantages of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-16

Usually kraft paper bags are made of three materials: paper kraft paper bags, wooden kraft paper bags, and leather kraft paper bags. What are the advantages of these three materials used for making kraft paper bags?

The advantages of paper kraft paper bags are that they are easy to print, and the printing colors are very rich; the production is fast and suitable for mass production; the folding storage and transportation volume is small, and the transportation cost is relatively low. The operation of practical mechanical equipment is mainly used, and the labor cost is low. The total cost is low, the production price of kraft paper bags is cheap, and it is easier for people to accept and promote; paper materials are easy to be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

The disadvantage of paper kraft paper bags is that the three-dimensional effect is not strong; it is mainly reflected by strong colors, and the expression of kraft paper bags is relatively monotonous; the sense of thickness and texture is not strong; it is easy to be damp, damaged and damaged during storage and transportation.

Advantages of wooden kraft paper bags: solid and stable color; strong sense of heaviness, easy to reflect profound culture; natural texture; disadvantages of wooden packaging: it does not conform to the general trend of environmental protection; the cost of wood materials is high, and wood The production price of kraft paper bags is high; the hardness is high, and it is easy to damage the outer paint after being touched during transportation, which cannot be repaired; the drying and painting of wood are affected by the weather, so the construction period is longer and so on.

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