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Commonly used kraft paper bag packaging design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-28

Packaging structure design can also play a pivotal role in the sales of commodities. An excellent packaging structure can better display commodities and bring convenience to consumers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the importance of the structural design of the packaging.

Commonly used kraft paper bag packaging structures are designed as follows:

1. Packaging structure design of socket type kraft paper bag

This is a commonly used type of kraft paper bag with simple shape, simple process and low cost. For example, common wholesale packaging mostly uses this structure.

2. Packaging structure design of window type kraft paper bag

This form of kraft paper bag is commonly used in toys, food and other products. The feature of this structure is that it enables consumers to see the product at a glance and increases the credibility of the product. Generally, the part that opens the window is supplemented with transparent materials.

3. Packaging structure design of portable kraft paper bag

This form of kraft paper bag type is commonly used in kraft paper bag packaging, which is characterized by easy portability. But pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and structure of the handle are equivalent to prevent consumers from being damaged during use.

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