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Commonly used gift paper bag making design color skills

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-28

Today, let's take a look at the commonly used color techniques for making and designing gift paper bags. First of all, we need to know that the production and design of gift paper bags need to pay attention to the following two points. The color of the paper bag should have a corresponding relationship with the packaging and the contrast between the color of the paper bag.

Then the paper bag manufacturer will express these two points of attention in different ways. For example, in the production and design of gift paper bags, different color designs of paper bag production will be carried out according to the product industry. Most designers use light yellow, pink and other warm colors as the main colors for food paper bags, and green and red as the main colors for children's food paper bags. And powder white, dark brown, and light green are mostly the main colors of cosmetic paper bags.

In addition to the color design of gift paper bags through the industry, our designers will also design the color of paper bags from the performance of the product. For example, the main color of paper bags for cakes and desserts that are often seen is mostly golden box light color Look for colors that give the illusion of scent. The production of tea paper bags mostly uses green to express the rich aroma of tea. However, the main color of some paper bags does not seem to conform to the performance and industry of the product, so it may be because the designers of the paper bag factory say that these elements are integrated into the outer packaging with symbolic color blocks, color points, color lines, or in this way. Color highlighting in focused content.

The above are the color techniques used by designers to make gift paper bags that I want to share with you today. Want to know more about paper bag making, design and printing knowledge? Want to make custom paper bags? Want to know the printing price of paper bag making? Welcome to contact us.

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