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Commonly used chocolate kraft paper bag making materials

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-28

1. Paper-made kraft paper bags: The production of paper-based kraft paper bags is a world-recognized non-polluting and environmentally friendly material. The production of chocolate paper kraft paper bags involves coated paper, white cardboard, gray board, box board and corrugated paper, etc. Wait. The proportion of high value-added functional paper such as water-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, deodorant, and wafer paper is gradually increasing, which will become a highlight for the paper packaging industry.

2. Tinfoil kraft paper bag products: This is a kind of traditional kraft paper bag making material, because of its good barrier properties and ductility, it occupies a place in the current chocolate packaging, but it is affected by the production process, production efficiency, Due to factors such as application limitations and price, it is greatly impacted by packaging such as plastics.

3. Plastic soft kraft paper bags: plastic packaging has gradually become one of the most important packaging materials for chocolate due to its rich functions and various forms of display. With the maturity of technology, cold-sealed soft packaging has gradually become the main inner packaging of chocolate due to its advantages of high packaging speed, low odor, no pollution, easy tearing, etc., and can avoid the influence of high temperature during the packaging process of chocolate. Material. The focus of the later development direction of plastic packaging is to improve the performance of existing plastics, develop new varieties, improve strength and barrier properties, reduce dosage (thick wall), reuse, classify and recycle to protect the environment.

4. Container kraft paper bag products: container packaging is also one of the common packaging methods in chocolate packaging. It mainly has the advantages of excellent protection performance, excellent production, unique display effect and secondary use. Packaging is nothing more than four categories of plastic (injection molding, blow molding, blister molding), metal (tinplate cans, aluminum cans), glass and paper (mounting boxes). Containers that do not normally hold food, such as composite materials, are also appearing on the market. In addition, ceramic materials can fully express culture and art, and there have been packaging containers made of ceramics for chocolate.

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