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Common types of boutique paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-27

There are usually wooden boxes, leather boxes, paper boxes, iron boxes, plastic boxes and other boxes in the production of high-quality paper bags. Among them, the wooden box mainly includes, spray-painted wooden box, the main difference is matte and bright, and the color paint used is different; in addition to the painted wooden box, there will also be log wooden boxes, which can also be called solid wood wooden boxes; It is the original wooden box made of real wood, such as: rubber wood box, bamboo box, pine box, paulownia box, rosewood box, black walnut box, cedar box and so on.

Most of the leather boxes are PU leather gift boxes. Of course, there are also genuine leather gift boxes. Pigskin is commonly used, and layer cowhide is mostly used. There are more cartons, such as printing paper cartons, special paper cartons, leather-filled cartons, kraft paper cartons, and so on. A plastic embryo gift box is a box whose embryo body is plastic. It is mainly a plastic embryo covered with various kinds of paper, leather, or cloth, and even paint on the outside. According to the applicable scenarios and their functions, the production of high-quality paper bags can be divided into: watch boxes, jewelry boxes, perfume boxes, electronic product paper bags, gift paper bags, coin boxes, tea boxes, wine boxes, cigarette boxes, etc. .

The common watch boxes include wooden boxes, plastic boxes, and paper boxes; usually some brands customize their own brand of watch paper bags. Such as: Longines, Tissot, Yibo, Tianwang, etc.; the characteristics of the watch box are that the quantity is large, the unit price is average, and the manual requirements are strict. There are many kinds of jewelry boxes, such as ring box, earring box, earring box, earring box, necklace box, bracelet box, pendant box, bracelet box, suit box, handle box, ornament box etc. Jewelry brands in this category, such as Swarovski Crystal, Diamond Family, Chow Tai Fook, Saturday Fortune, China Gold, etc., will make large quantities of custom-made exclusive paper bags. Because they are consumer goods, the general quantity is relatively large. Of course, the unit price is also average.

Perfume boxes are mostly customers in the Middle East. Wherever related products exist, their packaging also appears correspondingly. The production of paper bags for Dianzi products is mainly the production of high-end mobile phone paper bags, high-end smart wearable paper bags and other gift paper bags that have emerged in recent years. Gift paper bag making. For example: bird's nest box, cordyceps box, ginseng box, deer antler box, maka box, all kinds of small gift paper bag production, ceramic paper bag production, tea set paper bag production and so on. There are also many coin boxes, mainly made of various gold and silver coins, commemorative coin boxes, such as Chinese gold coins, Australian kangaroo coins, American eagle coins and other paper bags.

Tobacco, wine and tea paper bag production, this is one of the most common paper bag production. Of course, this type of packaging generally distinguishes between ordinary paper bag production and high-grade paper bag production, and when I say high-quality paper bag production, I refer to this type of product Made of paper bags in the high-end category.

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