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Common problems in the printing and laminating process of paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-23

 Good products also need good outer packaging to be sold. If there is no attractive paper bag to make printed packaging, good wine will also be afraid of deep alleys. How can we make the product packaging more beautiful? The answer is to use laminating technology Make the five-color colorful packaging prints more glamorous, but if the laminating operation is improper, it will have a negative impression on the packaging. Various problems encountered in the laminating process, briefly introduce the blistering and peeling of the paper bag production and printing laminating film. The reason for the film.

 1. Paper bag making, printing and covering film foaming or even peeling off. The first thing that comes to mind may be the influence of adhesives. In actual printing, there is no way to perform laminating processing with these main materials. You must also add curing agents, plasticizers, antioxidants, enhancers, fillers and other auxiliary materials. , Ability to successfully achieve plastic-paper lamination. The components of each batch of laminating adhesive are not the same, and the shelf life of the laminating product is not exactly the same. The second is the influence of printing materials. Different materials have different adhesion properties to the laminating film, which requires The bonding process is treated differently with non-stop materials. For printed products with poor paper uniformity, the liquid concentration of the film adhesive should be appropriately increased to reduce the fluidity of the adhesive and increase the viscosity, thus strengthening the printed product Adhesion to the film. There is also the impact of the operating process and the workshop environment. This aspect generally has a small impact on the laminating process. As long as the operating regulations are strictly followed to regulate the plant environment, this problem can be completely avoided.

 2. After a period of time when the paper bag is made and printed, the film blisters and peels off. This type of storage is often caused by improper storage methods. The laminated or packaged products should be stored in a dry, dark, and ventilated environment. The background for placing film-coated packaging products should be relatively dry to prevent contact with acid and alkali gases, and the storage time should not be too long. If the packaging is not dry enough or exposed to direct sunlight, it is easy for the product to bubble and peel off. These are the basic issues that the packaging factory should pay attention to.

 3. Follow-up printing process causes blistering and film release. In the follow-up printing process, some corrosive, acidic or alkaline printing materials can often be used, which may cause blistering and film release, so packaging factories should Properly adjust the process flow to avoid the subsequent use of corrosive printing materials, so as to ensure the effect of the film.

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