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Common practices for making kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-16

Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, odorless and non-polluting, and are the most popular environmentally friendly packaging in the world. If the production of coated paper bags and the production of oil-proof paper bags have replaced the plastic bags in the food packaging market, then the production of kraft paper bags can replace the status of plastic bags in all industries. Next, let's focus on several methods of making kraft paper bags.

1. The production of small white kraft paper bags, which are generally large in quantity and widely used, because many businesses require this kind of kraft paper bags to be cheap and durable. The ones that are attached to the rope are all operated by the machine.

2. The production of medium-sized kraft paper bags, usually, the production of medium-sized kraft paper bags is made of kraft paper bags made by machines and then manually pasted with ropes. The size of the bag is limited, and the kraft paper bag making machine can only stick the rope of the smaller handbag, so the method of making the kraft paper bag is limited by the machine. Many bags cannot be produced by the machine alone.

3. Large bags, made of kraft paper bags with reverse heads, and thicker yellow kraft paper bags. These kraft paper bags are made by hand. At present, there is no domestic machine that can solve these kraft paper bags. It can only be made by hand. The production cost of this type of kraft paper bag is relatively high, and the quantity will not be large.

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