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Common paper bag making and printing methods

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-27

u200bWe usually talk about the production and printing of paper bags, including color box printing, carton printing, label printing, paper bag production and printing, bottle and can printing, and different products have the most suitable printing methods. Flexographic printing, offset printing, gravure printing and screen printing are the four most common printing methods in the world, and they each have their own characteristics.

u200bFlexo printing is the evolution of letterpress printing. Flexo printing is a direct printing method. It is called flexographic printing because of the use of elastic, raised image printing plates. The flexo printing plate is glued to the plate cylinder, which is supplied with ink by an engraved metal anilox roller.

u200bOffset printing is a type of lithographic printing. Simply speaking, offset printing is a printing method that transfers the graphics and text on the printing plate to the substrate with the help of rubber (blanket), that is, there are three cylinders (plate, rubber) In the south of our country, this printing method is called offset printing.

u200bThe gravure printing ink color is full and three-dimensional, the graphics and text are convex, and the layers are rich, the lines are clear, the quality is high, and the plate life is long, which is suitable for mass printing. Gravure can print extremely thin materials such as plastic films.

Silk screen printing is the closest printing method to our life. According to the thickness of the screen, ink accumulation can be formed, which has a very good three-dimensional effect.

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