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Common moon cake kraft paper bag making box

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-27

Mid-autumn gift box customization, how can we not know the box types first? The common moon cake kraft paper bag making box types include book-shaped box, heaven and earth cover box, and folding box. Each different box type can have a different design, and I will introduce it to you:

1. A book-shaped box, also known as a flip-top box, includes a bottom plate, a front plate and a back plate. It is a book-like box formed by integral molding and folding of a cardboard. A front plate and a rear plate are pivotally connected to the front and rear of the bottom plate respectively, a left plate and a right plate are respectively foldable connecting pieces pivotally connected to the front and rear plates and the bottom plate, and a left cover plate and a right cover plate are respectively The left and right plates are pivotally connected.

2. The heaven and earth cover box is divided into two types: upper and lower cover and heaven and earth cover. The upper cover covers part of the lower cover; for the upper and lower cover boxes, the upper cover completely covers the lower cover, and the heights of the two are the same. In addition, there is a box with an inner side and a cover, which means that there is a raised part inside the lower cover. After the upper cover is closed, the raised part can divide the entire height of the box into two. This kind of moon cake box packaging with inner side cover is a little more expensive than ordinary heaven and earth cover boxes.

3. Folding box is a green and environmentally friendly kraft paper bag type, which is widely used in various industries, not only to ensure food but also to package hardware products. It has low processing cost, is more convenient to transport than the above two box types, and can be applied to various printing methods. This box type is suitable for automatic packaging and is convenient for sales and display in shopping malls. Compared with the above two box types, it has two advantages of good recyclability and environmental protection.

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