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Common materials for packaging gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-17

When customizing a packaging box, it is very important to choose a suitable packaging material for it, which not only needs to be related to the practicability of the packaging box but also the aesthetics of the packaging box. Finding the right packaging material for your product will depend on several factors. For example: the size of the product, the type of the product and the budget of the box, etc. The following is a brief introduction to several commonly used materials for packaging gift boxes:

Gray board

Gray board paper is a kind of cardboard made of recycled waste paper. Because of its hardness and good toughness, the surface of the paper is smooth and delicate, and it is not easy to deform, it is also very popular in the packaging industry. Gray board paper is very malleable and can be designed into various novel structures, such as:

Tiandi cover box - the biggest feature of Tiandi cover box is that it is very strong and strong, and the structure of Tiandi cover box is simple, easy to form standardization, and can use mechanical equipment to replace labor, so it is also loved by the brand. Like the Apple mobile phone packaging box and the La mer cream box, they all use the structure of the sky and the earth.

Folding box - As the name suggests, folding box is a general term for all foldable packaging. The biggest feature of the folding box is that it can save transportation space. Many overseas customers will choose the folding box type when customizing the packaging box. In addition, for post-packaged products such as clothing and gift boxes, choosing folding packaging boxes can also save storage space in stores.

Special-shaped box——Special-shaped packaging box refers to the general term for packaging boxes other than traditional square boxes, and has no fixed shape. Special-shaped packaging boxes are more artistic than ordinary square boxes. Therefore, it can effectively catch the attention of potential customers through its appearance.

In addition to the plasticity of the gray board box, the surface of the gray board packaging box can also be pasted with various beautiful papers, such as: pearl paper, art paper, embossed paper, coated paper, white cardboard, flannelette, binding cloth , pu leather and so on.

paper jam

In addition to the fact that the cardboard packaging box is not as powerful as the grayboard pasting box, the structure design of the cardboard packaging box is similar to that of the grayboard pasting box. Cardboard packaging box is also one of the very common packaging gift box materials in the market, such as: SK II essence water packaging box, Armani (Armani) lipstick box, etc. are all made of cardboard material. There are many types of cardboard, the common ones are white cardboard, black cardboard, gold cardboard, and silver cardboard.

corrugated paper

Due to the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy processing, high strength, excellent printing adaptability, and convenient storage and handling, corrugated paper is usually used as a material for express delivery boxes. Although corrugated paper is rarely used in gift boxes, it is not absolute. For example, a home textile packaging gift box made by Taihuxue is made of corrugated materials, and its appearance is not inferior to that of gray board pasting boxes and cardboard boxes.

Product packaging is one of the best ways to establish an emotional connection with customers and promote product sales. Gift packaging should not only protect the product, but also be exquisite and beautiful. Therefore, the brand side should comprehensively consider the characteristics of different packaging materials when choosing packaging materials.

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