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Common features of high-end gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-03

The packaging box is one of the best elements to present your product, although your product is superior to other competitors, but as long as it is not packaged properly, customers will not notice your product. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to customize the packaging box. To customize the high-end gift packaging box, we need to understand the common characteristics of high-end packaging boxes.


Protection is the basic performance that all packaging boxes should have. They can make the product delivered to the customer in good condition. However, the protection provided by the gift box also depends on the product to be packaged. For fragile items, lining can be added on demand. But for high-end packaging boxes, in addition to the need to protect the product, it also needs a little resistance to pressure and friction. After all, the packaging box is also a part of the product.

to promote

We can think of the box as a silent salesman, and all elements in the box should be designed around the brand and product. Let customers recognize your brand and products immediately when they see your packaging.

Environmental friendly

Many large companies are very strict about the environmental management of their product packaging boxes. For example, Apple (Apple) has been looking for new environmentally friendly packaging materials. With the continuous upgrading of iPhones, its packaging boxes are gradually becoming It is becoming more and more environmentally friendly. 93% of its iPhone 12 mobile phone packaging boxes are made of fiber materials, and 100% of the wood fibers are recycled or legally harvested.


In addition to meeting the needs of brands and products, packaging boxes should also meet the needs of customers. For customers, many purchase decisions are made on impulse. If the product just meets their needs and the packaging box meets their own aesthetics, they will quickly make a purchase decision.

Generally, brands will carry out packaging design simultaneously when developing new products. The reason is that high-end gift packaging boxes are very strict in controlling the details, and it may require countless designs and modifications to meet the brand's expectations. When we are ready to customize a box, we are judged by its characteristics.

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