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Color matching characteristics of gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-12

The quality of the product The quality of the paper bag production directly affects the sales volume of the product. When it comes to choices, first impressions are very important. Because first impressions affect people's subconscious. And the production of paper bags to attract customers depends on color, color. Then, choose through the pictures and texts of the product packaging.

Different product paper bags have different color requirements for different product paper bags. Different products have different color requirements. Different products have different characteristics. Different color configurations can produce the characteristics of various products.

The use of color in the production of gift paper bags is reflected in the uniqueness. Idiosyncratic colors refer to the colors in the production and design of some paper bags, which should be matched according to their attributes, but the color of the picture is normal. Designers often do the opposite and use reverse colors to make the product packaging stand out from similar products. , this kind of processing makes our visual impression more profound. Fashion colors are the colors that are in line with the fashion of the times, the information of product designers, and the signal of international trade dissemination. The use of popular colors in modern packaging design does bring a lot of economic benefits to the product. The fashion colors released by the International Fashion Color Association every year are proposed according to the characteristics of the times such as the international situation, market, economy, etc. The purpose is to give people a balance in psychology and atmosphere, so as to create a harmonious and soft environment. Nationality: color vision The resulting psychological changes are very complex.

Have a relatively fixed understanding of the product content represented by certain colors, these colors are called product colors. For example, brown represents tea, orange represents orange, green represents vegetables, and brown is derived from coffee. All kinds of products have certain common attributes and unique personalities. Medical supplies and recreational supplies, cosmetics and cultural and educational supplies all have great differences in attributes. The same type of products can also be differentiated, such as Chinese medicine, Western medicine, nourishing medicine and so on. The color treatment in the production of paper bags should be treated specifically, and the sensory elements of color (physical, physiological, psychological) should be used, and the expression of typical personality should be strived for.

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