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Color Design of Gift Paper Bag Making Packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-14

Christmas is coming soon, Christmas is the Spring Festival in western countries. During this festival, people give gifts to each other. Today, Xiaobian found some professional knowledge about the color of colorful gift paper bags for everyone to see.

1. The sense of distance of color

Colors on the same plane, some make people feel prominent and closer, and some make people feel withdrawn and distant. The sense of advance and retreat in this distance mainly depends on lightness and hue, generally warm colors are near, cool colors are far; bright colors are near, dark colors are far; solid colors are near, gray is far; bright colors are near, fuzzy colors are far; strong colors are near, contrasting Faint color distance. Bright, crisp, warm colors help accentuate the subject: Blurred, darker cool colors complement the subject.

2. The taste of color

In food packaging, color plays an important role in the taste of food. When people see the red candy packaging, they will feel the sweetness; when they see the light yellow used on the cake, they will feel the milky fragrance. Generally speaking, red, yellow and white have sweet taste; green has sour taste; black has bitter taste; white and green have salty taste; yellow and beige have milk flavor and so on. Foods with different flavors are packaged in corresponding colors, which can arouse consumers' desire to buy and achieve good results.

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