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Classification of innovative gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-18

Packaging innovation is a very arduous task, which can constantly bring surprises and freshness to users. All packaging innovations need to be realized through the public's aesthetics and needs. An innovative gift box can set a benchmark in the market, making it visually and emotionally superior to other products. Packaging design is a fusion of art, science and engineering. This fusion can effectively improve the various performances of packaging. Therefore, packaging innovation is by no means an easy task. Innovations in the general packaging sector can be divided into two categories:

material innovation

There are many types of packaging materials, and the common ones are wood, metal, plastic, glass, paper and so on. Since the characteristics of packaging materials are different, these common packaging materials also have advantages and disadvantages. Paper is the most common packaging material in the market, not only because of its super plasticity, but also because of its low cost and environmental protection. Wooden packaging boxes are very original packaging, but wooden packaging boxes are slow to produce and expensive, so they are not common in the retail market. Plastic and glass packaging are generally used as containers to package liquid products, such as perfume, wine, beverages and so on. Of course, plastic and metal materials are also used in the outer packaging of some products now, but because plastic materials are not environmentally friendly and the plasticity of metal packaging is not strong, plastic packaging is gradually being replaced by paper packaging boxes. Although many of the above packaging materials may have some disadvantages, however, the innovation of some materials can make them better applied in the packaging box. For example, biodegradable plastics and so on.

design innovation

The innovation of packaging design can effectively attract users' attention and better meet the needs of customers. Design innovation can be divided into graphic design innovation and structural design innovation. Innovations in graphic design are generally for the convenience of customers in differentiating the brand from competitors. Therefore, not only eye-catching and popular elements can be added to the packaging box, but also brand logo, brand color and other elements can be added. The design of the packaging structure is more to make the use of the packaging more convenient, such as: the folding packaging box is easy to store and saves transportation and storage costs, etc.

In the sales market, the competition is fierce every day. In this era of competition, innovative packaging design helps to make your product stand out from the competition. Whether it is high-end packaging material innovation or design innovation, it can bring creative development to the brand.

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