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Christmas holiday gift box packaging case

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-16

As a packaging box manufacturer, we usually look at Christmas holiday gift boxes with a professional eye to evaluate their quality and design. However, for consumers, what is our demand for product packaging? In most cases, holiday gift boxes are given as gifts to relatives and friends, which means that the appearance and quality of the packaging box need to meet the needs of gift giving. The packaging design of the annual holiday gift box is changed according to the fashion trend of the year. Here are some great holiday gift boxes for you.

Lady M

This is a Christmas candy countdown calendar gift box. After opening the lid, the interior is composed of 24 small blind boxes. Starting from December, open one every day. After the gifts are opened, you can welcome Christmas. The green round box looks like a Christmas wreath from a distance. It can also be kept as a decoration after the box is used up.

Bonne Maman

It seems that many brands are keen to use the countdown calendar gift box during the Christmas holidays, and so is Bonne Maman. The appearance of this Christmas gift box is designed from the perspective of 'home'. The box is printed on the afternoon tea time in the small town. The Christmas tree and coffee table at home are filled with Bonne Maman jams, and the overall look does not seem to be inconsistent. Through the window you can see the town's Christmas decorations. But after opening the box, it is like opening the window of 'home', and the panoramic view of the town is drawn in, full of festiveness everywhere.

Flora Waycott

When it comes to Christmas gift boxes, Flora Waycott is absolutely indispensable. If the Flora Waycott Christmas gift box is placed among many products, it will definitely attract the most attention. The reason lies in packaging its products by using the simplest gift paper. And because of this, it also makes it differentiated from similar brands.

The design direction of the Christmas gift box is very extensive. Considering that the Christmas gift box may be given to others as a gift, when designing a Christmas gift box, it is necessary to consider whether it conforms to the joyful festive atmosphere of Christmas.

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