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Chocolate gift box case

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-11

Food is different from other products. If you want to get good sales of food, you first need to let customers stimulate their appetite for the product through the food packaging box. Therefore, the packaging box is also an important marketing tool to show the attractiveness of the product. We can think of it as a portal, a window to elevate the product as well as the brand identity to a higher level. Below, we'll take a look at some mouth-watering chocolate packaging designs to draw inspiration from.

Hatziyiannakis Chocolate Box

Hatziyiannakis is a Greek chocolate brand whose packaging design distinguishes different flavors of chocolate simply through different colors and illustrations. Gradient colors full of ever-changing mysterious and romantic atmosphere can give people a sweet taste. Different flavors of chocolate are also matched with different food illustrations, which makes people want to taste its taste.

Maua chocolate box

Showcasing the rich and exotic flavors of the Mediterranean, Maua chocolate is both a sweet artisanal delicacy and a confectionery for the eyes. A light color scheme was chosen on this chocolate box to contrast with the dark brown chocolate. The pattern in the box is both an illustration and an indicator of chocolate taste.

Xoctail Chocolate Box

Xoctail chocolates are cocktail based and as such, display a fun and exciting vibe in the box, perfect for absolute indulgence. This explains why its design is inspired by the textiles of William Morris and imbued with sophistication and a high level of craftsmanship.

Visuals centered on natural elements almost surround the entire box, making the box look like a work of art. Designers have not neglected to incorporate different cocktail ingredients into artwork for instant identification of product flavors.

Ferrero chocolate box

Ferrero chocolates are often used as Valentine's Day gifts, and they are given to lovers during the festival to express their hearts. So Ferrero chocolate is not just food, it is also a very romantic gift.

This chocolate packaging box is dominated by chocolate dark brown, supplemented by gold. The illustrations in the matching box can both show the mood of chocolate silky and create a sense of luxury.

The packaging design embraces the presentation of the quality product and fits the image of the brand. Chocolate is a kind of gift, we need to design its packaging box to be more suitable for gift giving.

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