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—Characteristics of making kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-09

Kraft paper boxes and kraft paper bags are literally made of kraft paper. What are the advantages and characteristics of kraft paper boxes compared to other paper boxes?

Kraft paper itself has very good toughness. Kraft paper boxes made of kraft paper have high quality and bursting resistance, which can protect the items inside.

At the same time, the surface of kraft paper is brownish-yellow, and the texture is very special. After careful processing, it will give people a very restrained and beautiful intuitive sense. Compared with ordinary bleached cartons, kraft cartons will be more prominent in all aspects.

If we compare kraft paper boxes and paper bags, we will find that the former can have better air permeability and higher elongation in appearance, which can save production costs for manufacturers.

The toughness and stretchability of kraft paper determine that many packaging will choose this kind of paper. Kraft paper bags and kraft paper boxes are the most commonly used.

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