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Characteristics of classic luxury packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-07

Today, the competition in the consumer goods market is becoming more and more intense. Any classic product box can make a dull product look unique. In addition to strictly controlling the quality of products when selling products, the creativity of products and their packaging can also effectively attract the attention of potential customers, thereby improving brand reputation and product sales. When customizing the packaging box, we also need to understand the characteristics of the classic luxury packaging box.

Fashion trends are always changing, and classics will never go out of style. Although many fashion brands and product packaging boxes will be designed in keeping with contemporary trends. But for a brand with a historical background, choosing a classic packaging design can not only reflect the historical background of the brand, but also do not need to change the brand packaging every year, which also makes the packaging box better remembered by customers.

Most of the big-name classic packaging boxes in the market are characterized by a very simple and elegant design. There are hardly many pattern elements added to its packaging boxes. For example, Chanel (Chanel) adds camellia accessories to its luxury packaging boxes, because the camellia is of great significance to its brand and Ms. Coco Chanel, except for its application in packaging. Outside the box, it is also used in its cosmetics and jewelry.

In addition to adding some elements that can give brand identity, it is also possible to add some information that can reflect the product. For example, many cosmetic brands will add images of some important ingredients of the product on the box.

In addition to some simple elements, the color matching of the packaging box should be as simple as possible. Simple color matching can highlight the key information in the packaging box. Secondly, using the same color scheme for a long time can also make it easier for customers to identify your brand through packaging color matching.

Although the simple packaging box design cannot make customers shine at the first sight when they see the product, the simple gift packaging box can become a classic in packaging. Moreover, the biggest advantage of classic luxury packaging boxes is that they can stand upright in the ever-changing trends.

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