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CDR Practical Tutorial Commercial Tote Bag Custom Design and Printing

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-23
The specific production steps are as follows:

1. Draw the front face: select the rectangle tool and execute the 'Window→Docker→Transform→Tilt' command, as shown in the figure.

2. Remove the contour line and fill it with a gradient color of kraft paper. The light and dark relationship needs to be paid attention to. You can control the strength of the transition by sliding the triangle slider under the gradient bar, as shown in the figure. .

3. Copy a copy from the front rectangle, perform 'horizontal mirroring' to flip the object, reduce the width and keep the height unchanged. Use the 'Shape Tool' to add nodes, and use the Interactive Fill Tool to adjust the following graphics again.

4. Flatten the whole: Select the 'Pen Tool' to draw graphics and fit them in the appropriate position of the belt. The light and shade relationship is still the key point.

5. Draw the millet icon: because the paper bag is inclined, in order to maintain unity as a whole, the logo is inclined to get the picture:

6. Make the hand strap: here Teach you a new method of drawing hand straps, using letters to achieve, let's see the effect first, use the pen tool to draw an arc, select the 'text tool' and hit 'S' and it will be OK, and the word spacing should be as tight as possible.

7. Reflect the material: After Z, we need to add effects to the handbag to render the rough paper material, and execute 'Bitmap → Convert to Bitmap' because the kraft paper is slightly rough, and then execute 'Bitmap → Convert to Bitmap'. Image→Noise→Add Noise” command.

8. Add shadows for more realism. Present the final effect.

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