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Cases of luxury packaging boxes that are popular overseas

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-05

The key to making a product stand out in the market is its brand, especially for luxury brands. In order to effectively capture the needs of users, luxury brands should demonstrate the elegance, sophistication and uniqueness of their products as much as possible. In our life, we can find that whether it is clothing, jewelry and other luxury goods, they are all design-oriented to attract the attention of potential users. Users' attention to luxury brands is not only product and service quality, but also the aesthetics of packaging boxes. There is no doubt that creating gorgeous visual effects for high-end packaging can ensure that users fully experience brand services. Here are a few cases of luxury packaging boxes.

Olfatto Parfum box

The packaging design of Olfatto Parfum perfectly integrates the visual and sensory experience, and the overall design is pleasing to the eye. The designer of this high-end packaging box has combined traditional font graphic style in the design, even if the brand name is displayed in the packaging box, it is a complete work of art in the eyes of users. Natural plants are also incorporated into the box, and the element details are highlighted against the warm tones.

The elements in this box are very simple, and the use of negative space between visual and textual content also helps users focus on a specific element in the package and fully understand its meaning.

OBJKTS Jewelry Packaging Box

OBJKTS jewelry focuses on designing classic and timeless styles with a modern touch, and the iconic style of the product is also perfectly displayed in the design of its jewelry packaging box. The fusion of white and mint green is the expression of traditional and modern emotions. Combined with the bronzing Logo, the overall look is very novel and modern. The minimalist packaging design style can also allow customers to see the brand elements more clearly.

Nafeese Alavee box

The most attractive element in the Nafeese Alavee jewelry packaging box is its logo, in which we can see its brand identity, brand value and cultural symbolism. Showcasing the refined, luxurious essence of the Nafeese Alavee brand, like a fine jewellery. Using a dark purple color scheme, it is reminiscent of the classic beauty of royalty.

When purchasing luxury goods, many customers pay more attention not only to products or brands, but also to the changes that the purchase of this product can bring to their lives. Through the above cases of luxury packaging boxes, we hope to provide you with different packaging solutions.

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